Move more, eat less

Those four little words are my husbands oh-so-brief directions for weight loss.  He many times has joked he could write a book and it would have only two chapters.  One about moving more and one about eating less.

If only it were that simple right?

This coming from a man who has weighed the same for 12 years since the day he graduated from high school.

This spoken to the wife who has borne his four children in 6 years and seen fluctuations in weight that make her head spin.  And her knees hurt.  And her skin permanently marred with stretch-mark-scars. And her energy wane when she needs it more than ever.  And her moods far too susceptible to the woes of sugar highs (and lows!).

I had an epiphany in late January.

No one was going to make time for me to exercise, but me.

No one was going to learn self control and hold back from eating sweets every single day, except me.

No one else was responsible for how crummy I felt.

Sure I had a list a mile long of why I couldn’t do those things.  But in the end, it was just excuses.  Excuses for eating poorly, even while feeding my children (relatively) healthy food most days.  Excuses for napping instead of exercising even though I knew getting moving would bring more energy.  I could find no one to blame it on but myself.

I didn’t have a pity party or anything.  Just pulled up my bootstraps and moved on.  I had done weight watchers in the past and knew the basic guidelines and practiced them.  Writing down all my foods took just a few minutes a day but made me far more aware of what was going in.

I also quit eating seconds for the most part.  I was amazed that I didn’t really need as much food as I wanted.  If I take more of anything, it’s broccoli instead of pasta and bread is no long a staple at our table.  Instead of feeling deprived and cheated, I just feel like I’m in control.  And I haven’t felt that way in my relationship with food for….ever?  If I choose poorly, I feel crummy.  If I choose well, the reward isn’t a box of cookies.  It is that I feel better inside, like things are working better.  I am certain they are.

After s-l-o-w-l-y losing a few pounds just changing that, and joking with my husband about his ‘move more’ theory, I added in the moving.  I tried to get to the gym but it is nearly impossible with our lifestyle.  Remember my review of the infomercial exercise DVD that (hilariously) remains my most read post ever?

Since I’d paid a pretty penny for that DVD back in September, I thought I ought to bust it out again…and this time actually use it.   Use it I did and though there is still a great deal of ‘firming up’ to be had, after a few weeks I felt so different.  So much stronger.  More limber.  And the best part for sure was that I found myself chasing my kids around the park without feeling like passing out.  The scale is moving in the right direction even if there are still nearly 25 pounds to find a new home for.

And while I can’t fit (nor am I crazy enough to even possess) any jeans from high school like my hubby still can, I have enjoyed fitting into my old Lucky Jeans from a couple years back that I adored too much to toss even when they couldn’t get buttoned.

This month of 5 family birthdays (mine included), Mother’s Day and our anniversary is certainly slowing down progress.  But at least I know what to do to keep on track…move more, eat less.

I guess it is kind of simple after all.



YAY!!!! You’re seriously amazing. I am so proud of you. You are my beautiful sister no matter what the scale says. It’s about how your clothes fit I think!


I have been doing this same thing- and feeling the same way!! I finally just started dragging myself out of the bed early enough everyday to get in a walk or (slow) run. Feeling much better, but now I have to get the food part under control. Keep up the great work!!


So true and it becomes more important the older you are. You are setting habits that can take you into old age gracefully even though the exercise of choice may change. I am proud of you!