More multitudes on Monday…

Taking a deep breath today to say thanks.  Trying to build the habit of gratitude, being blessed a great deal along the way…

# 41 – a weekday off work for Daddy

#42 – first cherries of the season…sticky, bright red fingers

#43 – sharing food with neighbors

#44 – getting food shared back

#45 – filthy, dirty bums on boy pants

#46 – fresh paint

#47 – fresh pain from just-starting-to-heal wounds

#48 – wet grass smell mowing the lawn

#49 – the end of three weeks of sickness

#50 – books that are changing my life

#51 – a soon coming baby niece or nephew

#52 – marshmellow smiles in window sills

#52 – finding a new washer on craigslist

#53 – a husband willing to go pick up and then learn to install said new washer

#54 – the sound of that washer working this very minute!

#55 – a proud boy

#56 – the hope that comes from planting tiny veggie starts in the garden

#57 – watching myself respond to something the right way…finally

#58 – middle of the night snuggles from random small children



A lovely list! I join you in gratitude for a washer that works and that was brought to you by a loving husband, delicious cherries!
I enjoyed your blog and the pictures are lovely.