Milking machine


Heard at the dinner table tonight:

“Mom, do you ever wish you were a cow so you could be milked?  It would be so fun.  When I grow up I’m gonna be a cow.  Rylee, don’t you want to be a cow?”

Me thinking- well considering the hundreds (no joking) of hours I’ve spent with a pump already in my 6 years of mothering, I could safely say with a smile “No, I don’t think I want to do that.  It actually doesn’t sound fun at all to me.”

Quiet stares.  “Okay, well you could be a farmer.”

Perfect, sounds absolutely lovely to me.  I actually had the desire yesterday to go out my back door, yell with my kids as loud as we could, then come back inside.  I quickly realized it was early and we couldn’t do that.  Oh to have wide open spaces for yelling and running!

Unrelated, but a piece of advice:  When potty training the two year old, don’t choose reward candy that you enjoy.  Then you might eat them all yourself in the exasperated moments of accidents and be left without the necessary incentive when you need it.  Trader Joe’s miniature peanut butter cups.  They looked cute and tiny and perfect.  I don’t even like chocolate right?  They should have stayed at the store.



Rylee is just so sweet. I can see how it would be nice to roam free, be fed, be taken care of by a farmer, but milking, not fun to me either! Kids say the cutest things dont they


Oh, all these seemingly cute, tiny, perfect things.

They get us into soo much trouble.



LOL….thanks for posting. :o)


Oh this just made my day! Kids always say the the funniest things ever! And they don’t even know what they are saying at times! I love it! Have a wonderful day!


awesome! so hilarious.


Thanks for the laugh!!!!! The things moms do…get compared to a cow. The other day one of my kids told me I was HUGE. Hee! Unfortunately late at night I’ll eat any sugar at all even if I don’t like it. Just looked through the house actually and fortunately there wasn’t any – whew. Sorry the potty training isn’t going well. Aidan is turning 3 any minute and isn’t even interested. Let me know if you figure out any more tips.