Messes and memories

Every once in a while

things work out perfectly

just like you imagined they could

a beloved Mother/Grandmother/Great-Grandmother

a hard working marshmallow-stirrer

a hershey kiss stealer unwrapper

the FIRST time I’ve ever seen my Dad baking in my life

not the first ornament Audrey pulled off their lovely tree

4 different batches of Christmas cookies

making green sticky wreath cookies with Nana


My parents still live in the house I grew up in.  They recently remodeled their kitchen and it is quite open and spacious.

My parents are also on sabbatical currently.  So they have a lot more time to share with family.

My grandmother is here for almost the whole month of December before she undergoes open heart surgery in early January.

My kidney infection seems to be all done taking over my life (holding my breath on that one).

All these things made for a perfect combination.

Our morning of Christmas cookie baking was one of the best times we’ve ever spent there.

Watching my Grandma watch my own children…

…four generations circled around a counter top.

It was priceless.



What a sweet post, Karissa. So wish I’d been there – – I never got Mom’s reminder text and slept thru the morning. Happy you guys had a blast! Gma said it was fun.


Such great pictures! I especially like the one of Audrey and your dad, the picture says so much. p.s. is it too early to dream about Audrey being Morgan’s girlfriend? She’s so adorable! In fact, all your babies are adorable. Merry Christmas to you all!


We can certainly dream! Morgan is also too cute for words!! Now that I’m a parent, I sometimes think arranged marriage sounds a little bit appealing…


Yes, strangely, I too am liking the idea at least of partially arranged marriages! What a special time and the photos are priceless.


That was such a special time. Love hanging out with you and the grandkids. They are precious gems.