Marshmellow eating monkeys

Once again facing the day with kids inside and lots of energy, today I made up a game that evolved into something very fun the longer we played it.  I explained that I was a zoo keeper, and that the monkeys were my favorite animals.  I would take care of them last every day then they would do tricks for me while I fed them their favorite treat-marshmellows.  So I led them out of their ‘pen’ (a fort under a table) and called them by name (Sophie, Henry and Baby).  I had them make monkey sounds for a marshmellow. Then they had to do tricks for marshmellows, while giggling and trying to keep in monkey character.  We must have spent over a half an hour in the family room running, leaping, bouncing, hiding and hollering.  Well worth the few dozen mini marshmellows required and a great way to get out some sillies.

As if that wasn’t fun enough, our Christmas package (that got lost in the mail) came from my Aunt and Uncle who live in Zambia.  The paper crowns were a crowd favorite instantly:


King Caleb and Queen Rylee took to play immediately and Kyler, without a crown, ran to find his knight helmet and sword.  They deemed him the bad knight, tried to escape his sword and played together for quite a while.

Thanks Craigs for the fun stuff!



Oh my goodness – what fun!!! You are such an awesome mama and what great kids you have.


oh, my, I’m having flashbacks….it’s Reuben as the “evil pirate” all over again! 🙂

what a wonderful game…we may be playing that soon!


I had no idea their package got lost in the mail! Not surprising though. Love the monkey game…you are so creative!