Making a blog book

I am a colossal scrapbooking failure.  Whatever energy and creativity I do have is so far tapped out by the end of each day that making lovely photo albums isn’t something I can do at this point in my life.  But I so want to capture memories and not forgot what this season felt like.  I bucked against blogging for a long time.  My husband started this blog and I wouldn’t write on it for a long time.  But that year huge things changed in our life.  Namely, he didn’t pastor at our church anymore.  If I were really honest, I’d say that my main reason for not blogging was knowing that the ‘life in a fishbowl’ that we knew meant that people from church would read my words and they might not always like what I said.  So I held back, for fear of judgement or criticism from church people.  How mixed up is that?  I know, really it is.  While some had showered our little family with blessing and love which we were grateful for, it wasn’t always the case.

Blogging was and is much quicker and easier for me than scrapbooking.  I type way faster than I can write.  So it was my quest for a long time to print the blog out into a book.  But for various reasons I couldn’t get it to work for a long time.  Until I found Blog2Print.  At the end of each year I have printed out our blog into a lovely, very professional looking hardback book.  I could not be more pleased with their customer service and the quality of the books.  Just in case any of you are itching for the same but haven’t found it, I wanted to pass along my experience so you can check it out.