Make your own pizza night

With homeschooling, caring for 4 little kids and a husband who often is gone for 12 or 14 hours in a day…getting to dinner with no plan is inevitable despite planning and shopping ahead.  This dinner has become a big favorite around here and I keep the ‘crust’ in the freezer as a back up for the days I get to 5:00 and have nothing in the oven!

It is easy, social, healthy, fast and great fun.  We’ve experimented with many pizza doughs and the best is home-made whole wheat pizza dough crust.  But the much easier and faster option that tastes exceptional is Indian Nan bread.  Pita bread pockets are good and very healthy but not nearly so yummy.  First, I open a bottle of inexpensive white table wine, because cooking and wine just go so well together.  I use leftover spaghetti sauce or canned tomato sauce/paste or a mix of the above with a heap of Italian seasoning.  No need for buying canned pizza sauce.  Then, I do a quick inventory of our topping options and throw it all into bowls:

The toppings are (in our house) any of these things…

sausage, ground beef, leftover meatball chunks or ham
feta, mozzarella, parmesan or goat cheese
red peppers, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, onion, garlic or tomatoes

or whatever else is hanging around that needs using up!

The kids help with the cutting of toppings and each drizzle & spread olive oil over their pizza.  Then they spread sauce and cover with toppings.  Their job is to do something unique to make sure they know it’s their pizza!

After everyone has made their pizzas, we bake them for about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.  Till they are hot and bubbly.  Then there is silence at the table and everyone gobbles up their culinary creations!  We even served this recently when new friends (a couple with four kids) was over for dinner.  We did the eight kid pizzas then the adults, everyone had so much fun!  If we have babies/toddlers we use English muffins which are a more fitting size for little bitty ones that eat table food.  Bon appetit!

If we’re extra lucky, we get a glimpse of our strawberry stealer while making pizzas…



Audrey is just soooo adorable in that picture.


Um, I going to kidnap Audrey. Oh my gosh! She is too freakin cute. I want to join in on pizza night again soon!