Looking up today

Just so it’s no secret, this list is changing my life.  Choosing, even in the midst of the constant flow of life’s hard things, to find something to be thankful for…and to learn that the hard things can be the good things.

#72 – being awake early, alone, on a Monday

#73 – anticipation of seeing old friends again

#74 – first sunburn of the year

#75 – three uninterrupted hours of gardening

#76 – an impromptu adventure

#77 – courage to finally order photos from Christmas

#78 – the smell of coconut oil

#79 – baby spiders

#80 – baby birds

#81 – watching lambs frolic

#82 – learning one painful step at a time that God is my audience…not people

#83 – tender hearts of little boys

#84 – sacred moments unpacking fishing gear that was Grampy’s

#85 – breathtaking beauty in the mountains

#86 – finishing up school work for summer

#87 – watching God do what I myself told Him He could not do

#88 – my children have a father to celebrate this weekend

#89 – somehow Grace will carry my husband through losing his



God is my audience, not people. Oh, such a hard lesson for me.

I’m sorry about your husband’s father. Praying for grace and counting thanks with you.


#82 is ongoing for me too! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for that!!