Looking back

In 2008 I felt like my life was such a wreck I set not a single goal that New Year’s.

I simply asked (begged) God for one thing.


It seemed completely out of reach.  A lofty and unfathomable ideal at the time.

But it came.

It came in the form of healing and restoration in our marriage.

It (strangely) came in my husband being asked to move on from pastoring at the church I grew up in.

It came in the birth of a baby named Audrey who I absolutely believe God gave us to be a tangible reminder of what He could do.

By 2009 I felt able, at year’s end, to make a short list that I deemed aspirations and dreams for the new year.

I wrote out things I wanted to embrace:  Jesus, joy, grace and gratitude.

I also wrote out the things I wanted to let go:  Fretting about what people think of me, impatience with the ones I love most and eating junk.

As the year closes, I’ve done better at some than others but I feel a sense of anticipation and eagerness at another year to forge ahead and learn from my mistakes and try again…and again.



Happy New Year to you all!


Thank you, likewise…and how much do you love the Potato Peel Pie Society book? It was delightful reading for me last summer.


I just started the Potato Peel book the other day and so far so good! My boomer friend and James’ grandma said it was excellent so I jumped on the band wagon. Happy to hear that you liked it too.


Love this and love you.


What an encouragement that God can do so much in just ONE year!