Look out Ronaldinho…

…here comes Kyler sporting some of the soccer line from Xara.  (Thanks Charissa W!).  I am not sure if he is going to play like Ronaldinho, but he is definitely looking the part in his new gear.  We are excited to get all our kids involved in soccer this year.  I coached Rylee’s team last year and had a great time.  We will see how it all works out but for now, check out Kyler in his latest duds.

Absolutely scrumptious!
Absolutely scrumptious!
Check out that form!
Check out that form!



that is absolutely adorable. he’s definately going to be a soccer player!


Very cute! I am so glad you are starting to get them into sports early…just to see if they enjoy it!


I agree with Mariah. I am happy I will be home to come cheer all three of them on. 🙂


He looks so pro. I’m glad it fit and he enjoys wearing it.