Like mother, like daughter

As I watched Audrey snack on a cracker this afternoon, I was inspired to dig around for some of my baby pictures.    I edited mine of Audrey to  black and white.  I was amazed at the comparison:

Bath baby one...
Bath baby one...
Bath baby two
Bath baby two!
Snack time going once...

Snack time going once...
Snack time going twice...
Baby legs, custom fleece diaper cover-what decade is this?
Baby leg warmers, custom fleece diaper cover and oh my those thighs-what decade is this?
Look at those tub decals...and thighs!
Look at those tub decals, nice stripes and rolly polly thighs-what decade is this?

I am usually quick to joke about how funny/crazy people are about who a baby looks like.  We actually have some running jokes on the matter in our family.  But this was too fun for me not to share as I was cleaning that I had some of my old baby pictures in the kitchen.  If only my chubby thighs still looked as cute as they did back then…at least we know where Audrey gets it!



uh, ya….my chubby thighs are definitely NOT cute!! those pictures, however, are darling! i cannot believe how much she looks like you.
well, i am off to bed as a storm rages outside my window…welcome to tornado season in the south!!


That is AMAZING!!! She looks exactly like you in those photos – crazy. Well, maybe not so crazy; I’m always taken aback when I see her in person how much she resembles you. That is so cool.


Love it! Twins. 🙂 I love the chubby thighs! Morgan’s thighs are getting super chubby and we think it’s so darn cute, especially the hidden rolls behind the chubby thighs!

Julie Huebner

Wow! Amazing resemblance! This is my guess on who is who:
Picture 1: Audrey
Picture 2: Karissa
Picture 3: Karissa
Picture 4: Audrey
Picture 5: Audrey
Picture 6: Karissa


You got it Julie!