Lights of Christmas

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out the way you want.  Here’s an example:  In our effort to find a new tradition that would be more kid friendly than traipsing downtown we headed to the ever-popular Lights of Christmas.  An hour drive and none too cheap to get in, it was a big deal trip.  To top off the fun Nana and Papa had the brilliant idea of renting a 15 passenger van so we could all travel up together and sing Christmas songs.  The kids were THRILLED at the prospect.

But on our way north, van loaded with piles of warm clothes knowing it’d be around freezing temperatures, it started to rain.  We piled out of the van after a loud and fun ride up with only slight bickering.  Oh my it was cold.  And the whole thing takes place outdoors, hence the ‘lights’ of Christmas.

Everyone said they wanted to ride a horse.  Audrey was the only one to actually get on a horse, no idea why because she is usually more timid.  Doesn’t she look like she’s having a ball?

Love these little cousins so very much!

And this sister too!

This picture sort of sums it up.  Cold.  Wet.
Trying to have fun and be troopers (which they really were).
I almost didn’t post this since I do have crazy eyes.  But what’s the fun in not sharing?

A happy moment with the ginormous snowman

Phineas was probably the happiest and warmest of the bunch, satisfied to get toted around in the backpack the whole night!

When Nana asked Rylee what her favorite part was, she quickly replied “Riding in the van with everyone of course!”.  So maybe next year, we can just drive around together and skip the lights?  Or all drive separately?  Or think up something new to try?  Who knows!