Rylee stated matter-of-factly in the car yesterday that if we get another baby boy, we would have to move the carseats all around in the van. How very true I replied.

Tonight as I tucked her in to bed, she jabbered on like she does every night, trying to get all her words out for the day.

Rylee: “Mom, what if I had 300 babies when I grow up?”

Me: “Wow, that would be a lot of babies.”

Rylee: “You’d have to come help me take care of all the kids.”

Me: “Yes I would, you would need lots of help.”

Rylee: “There would be kids everywhere, we’d have to take everything out of the house and just make room for all of them. We’d have kids in the kitchen, in the cupboards, in every room. We could sort them by age.”

Me (highly amused now, but just smiling-careful not to laugh): “It would be pretty crazy wouldn’t it?”

Rylee: “Yeah, but fun.”

That’s how I feel about our four-kid-life. It’s crazy and at the moment a lot feels uncertain and scary but it’s amazing at the same time. I’m glad Rylee understands one of our core family values. Life. Life in every form is a gift. Life in the form of babies is one we highly regard around here. They are a treasure beyond words.

For all of you wondering if this is my subtle way of telling you something, you can stop wondering, definitely not. But don’t be surprised when I do…



oh my goodness!! that is beyond hilarious! the mind of a child is so innocent and sweet.


I am crying, that’s all I can say. Thank you…


I found you through Kimberly actually and I don’t know how she found me, not that she was specifically looking for me. She reads my blog occasionally, I think :o) and I happened to click the link for your website was like oh wow, she’s bought some of my diapers. Small world huh? :o)

Kristin McKinnon

I love this! Rylee is so sweet and precious. 300 babies!!!!! And Jesus wants us to be like little children… (By the way, I can just see the look on your face so proud of your daughter and entertained but totally respectful and not laughing.)