Life lessons from this sleepy mother of five

Goldfish crackers, a granola bar and a diet coke can loosely be called lunch when too tired to make yourself one.

Sleep is more valuable than a shower and make-up.

But getting the dishes done and kitchen picked up is actually more valuable than sleep.  Makes for oh-so-much better mornings!

Three year old little girls can learn to silently creep into your bed in the middle of the night so that you are genuinely surprised to roll over and find them 2 inches from your face in the morning.

When all else fails, blame it on the cat.

Reading a book about sane mothering does not necessarily equate sanity.

The power of princess panties and a new potty weighs pretty heavy.

Hearing the words below from an impassioned, almost crying 7 year old son may be both the high and low of the day:

“How can you expect me to eat this sandwich when it smells like poop?  It tastes like poop too!  Have you tasted it mom?  Its just like poop.  It really is.”

(I’m laughing, giggling uncontrollably just typing it out.  It was too funny to even offend me even though I’d made the bread for the sandwich myself…it left me wondering – how does one even KNOW what poop tastes like?)

Using M&M’s for potty training incentive only works if you don’t first eat all the M&M’s yourself.

When you have a temporary lapse in your ‘healthy eating goals’ and down a Frappucino AND a ginger molasses cookie on the way home from the YMCA, don’t then go online to Starbucks’ website to see just how bad they are for you.  You don’t want to know.

A text message from the hubby can make the whole day.

The balls don’t magically go over the fence like I’d thought, I actually watched the kids throw ALL the balls over the fence today JUST so that they would have to climb the fence to retrieve them.  Might we need more activities around here?

When in doubt, have people over.  It can transform a so-so day into a wonderful day. Just. Like. That.  There’s something so great about hanging with other people even in the midst of life’s mess.

And in closing, my sister Danielle’s perfect motto from this morning:

Some days are make banana-flax-whole wheat muffins from scratch and bring-them-to-your friends-house-just-because and some mornings you are lucky just to put the toast in the toaster.

Well said.  Sums it up quite nicely I’d say 🙂



Love this list!! All true, all I can relate too!

Ok, and the quote from your son has me in stitches. I could SO hear my 6 year old saying something like that!



Love the quotes. Makes me feel like my life is normal, and provided much needed laughing-out-loud. 🙂 REALLY like the new blog look! Very appealing to read, and great pictures!