Life lesson from little boys

Lesson #432:  A pee-saturated-pull-up from several days ago found whilst cleaning one’s bedroom for mama does not in fact make a worthy weapon to whack your brother with.

In fact it will, upon impact, detonate and spray urine-soaked-diaper-polymer all over the room.  It will stick to your mother’s clothing as she tries to clean it.  It will grind into the carpet as you try to pick it up with paper towels.  It smells really, really bad.  Your pregnant mother might gag and she probably won’t enjoy trying to pick each strange looking chunk off the carpet.

Using an old fashioned light saber would work much better.  Next time.

Lesson learned.



TOTALLY been there!! love you!


I am quite sure you have…I thought “Kim’s probably already done this” as I cleaned it all up!”


That is really funny. Sounds even worse than having to pick all the pieces out of the washer or dryer.