Is there life at 1am???

It has been a while since Audrey has been up in the middle of the night for a prolonged time like she was last night.  What else would you do at 1AM other than customize your blog?  Hope you enjoy the change.

I just got together recently with a group of fellas.  The motivation – talking life.  The Vehicle – smoking cigars.  So there we were sitting around with the smoke billowing up and the question was asked – If you had 100 Million Dollars what would you do? – the familiar question getting at what are you really wanting to do in life.  As the guys shared around the room it was obvious that although some of us were close, none of us were completely doing the things that we really wanted to do.  The follow up question was – why aren’t you doing what you really want to do?

That conversation got me thinking about the place that the Lord has brought me to at this point in my life.  In many ways, He is clarifying His calling on my life.  Even at 1AM this morning holding Audrey, I felt God bring more clarifying insights into my future.  I now have a vision of a future, I am just waiting for the next steps between here and there.  I love that even in those moments where life should be a bit fuzzy (1AM), God pierces through the haze with His light and His compassion.




Thank you for letting me sleep at 1AM, I for one love what you’ve done with the blog.


i LOVE the new format! wish i could make mine as cool as yours 🙂 i’m a little jealous! thanks for sharing your thoughts. it blesses me to know you’re in such a good place. love you.


This comment so encouraged me. PTL!