Laundry loses every time

Adventure downtown for a toy soldier parade and a pretend snowfall or fold laundry.

Watch our darling 5 year old dance at her ballet recital or fold laundry.

Spend hours playing in the perfect, fluffy snow and warm up with cocoa and spontaneous fun with family or fold laundry.

Trek out to Grammy and Grampy’s for a fabulous early Christmas dinner and presents or fold laundry.

Hide out in my bedroom working on homemade gifts for the kids or fold laundry.

Catch up on sleep for the first whole night (last night) since Audrey was in the hospital in November or fold laundry…this one is a complete no brainer!


As you can see, laundry loses every time. Hoping you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are and can spend time on what matters and let the other stuff go for a little while.



I love it!!! You amaze me Karissa


Karissa that picture looks so familiar. I remember when our couch looked like that. It sometimes still does. You are not alone with having 4 kids and having the laundry pile up. It makes the couch very comfy. 🙂
Miss you guys and glad you are enjoying the holidays and letting some things go for a while. Have a great day!


Hahahaha….that’s awesome! See you in THREE days!!!


Or let it go for a long while. I cannot tell you how similar that looks to my corner chair RIGHT NOW as I write this. Laundry always looses in my house too. If ya can’t find it in the closet or the drawer, check the chair. More than likely, it’ll be there.


I LOVE that photo!!! What a great article you wrote. I love hearing that you picked all those things over laundry. So often that is the way it goes and usually I feel guilty for not keeping up. But your story and the transparent photo remind me yet again what is important. Its not like anybody is going to have to go out of the house naked or anything!!! Unfortunately in my house it doesn’t stay on the couch though – it goes all over the room. OK, hope to talk with you soon!! This snow is so fun!