Kyler is synonymous…

…with mischief.  But honestly, I thought we were past the worst of it, I think we probably are.  However, today I learned these things:

1.  When a mama smells something burning but isn’t cooking, the kitchen is the last place to look.  When she is tempted to give up looking and is sure it’s just the neighbors burning some wood, she should not give up.

2.   Examining all the wall heaters in each room making sure nothing has been stuffed into them and caught on fire, is reasonable but possibly not helpful.

3.  Looking in the oven, three times, is not helpful either.  If it wasn’t on fire the first time, it likely won’t be in 2 minutes.

4.  Enlisting children to help determine where the smoke is coming from is a good idea-maybe.

5.  Trex decking material, though very stain-resistant (per our friend Justin who built our little deck), is apparently not fire proof.

6.  Heat lamps for chickens provide a lot of heat.  Especially when aimed (or directly face down) on the deck.  In fact I’m now sure they would catch a chicken on fire were it to touch the light.

7.  Lining up all the children and asking who turned on the heat lamp and laid in on the deck with a scary/scared mama face is a quick way to get the truth.

8.  Kyler is apparently not quite done with mischief.

9.  Pretty surely, the dad is not going to be a happy one when he sees the damage.

10.  The house is still standing.  Thank goodness for that.



Oh boy. That little turd!!!


I love reading your blog. It really is a great snapshot of motherhood. You seem to handle it with a great amount of grace and patience.


Oh dear, sure I’m in for some of this with Isaac. You should post a pic. of the deck.


OH MY. Oh my, oh my, oh MY!!


I’m really sorry that I’m chuckling. I’m truly thankful nobody was hurt. Growing up, we had a pregnant rat who chewed through a wire behind one of our walls once and started a small fire – thankfully we called the fire department in time. (I was quite sad about the dead baby rats.) I’ll always remember going through the house trying to figure out where the fire was.

grammy strovas

Astro-turf on decks leave an imprint also from electric Bar-B-Q starters.


Gotta love that boy’s creative mind! I can’t wait to see what he becomes as that creativity is nurtured. I just want to squeeze him!