Keeping up…

A few weeks ago I was fretting about how we were going to have a peaceful Christmas season with a large amount of out of town family here for the holidays as well as both of our own families that live near us. Spending time with all of them is all we want to do but the logistics of schedules, naps, plans, expectations, work obligations and so on seemed fairly ominous to me for a time.

I also had tried several times to purchase tickets to this or that holiday play or event or something. I could never click the button. We had the money to do it. It sounded like great fun. A ballet, a Christmas music concert, things like that….weren’t those the things memories are made of?

All I want for this season for our family is for us to not miss the Miracle in the midst of all the celebration. As I read the Christmas story out of our favorite Bible to the kids the other day, tears streamed down my face.

Caleb – “Are you sad Mama? Or are those the other tears?”

Me – “Yes, they are the happy ones. I’m not sad at all, it just overwhelms me when I read this story. That Jesus came. That God loved us enough to send Him, even thought He knew exactly what would happen. It makes me feel so precious, so loved.”

Rylee – “Well, I love you. And I love this story. It’s my favorite it the whole Bible. You could read it every day, I would still want to hear it.”

Me – “I know. And I love each of you, sharing my days with you and getting to read with you is one of my very favorite things in the world.”

If I’m too sick to host the cookie exchange this year, it’s okay. I can still love my sweet neighbors and bring them cookies when I feel better.

If we don’t make it to any concert or ballet or show of any kind, that’s okay too. Somehow I feel like the kids playing their parts as angels and shepherds in the live nativity this weekend is more meaningful to them anyway.

If we end up eating pizza a few nights a week while I navigate this very slow recovery from the kidney infection, we’ll all survive.

If my packages are not as delightfully packed and adorned as I’d prefer, I’m pretty sure nobody will care.

If I go another 7 days with only 1 shower, well it might not be ideal-but I think the world will keep spinning.

Though feeling like this isn’t what I’d choose, it might just be God’s way of saying

Just read the story to them again, you know they want to hear it.

Just snuggle and lay down with whoever wants under your cozy blanket.

Don’t feel guilty for what you can’t do.

Just rest.  Just love.  Just let it all unfold the way it will.

What is truly important will float to the top, let go of the rest.

Choose peace.

Delight in the Hope that I am and that I came for you.



I am teared up. You are so good at writing about what is truly important. I think I’m going to go read to my kids!


Thanks for the reminder to enjoy what is truely important. You have a gift- thanks for sharing!!!


“Just rest. Just love. Just let it all unfold the way it will.” Such lovely words. Reminds me to be still in the midst of chaos.


I wish your blog had a “like” button like facebook 🙂 Thank you for sharing that my sweet sister! xoxo