Keeping on counting

#242 – all six of us spending half a Sunday in our pajamas

#243 – resting instead of working

#244 – a fluttery tiny baby making himself/herself known

#245 – the halfway mark of pregnancy…and knowing the hard part is to come

#246 – flannel sheets and cold nights

#247 – crisp fall days

#248 – listening to little readers

#249 – learning to be flexible with what isn’t working

#250 – an early morning wake-up friend, accountability is good!

#251 – watching my parents be radical and refuse to ‘check out’ during their golden years

#252 – living close enough to those parents for mid-week park dates

#253 – giving up coffee…again

#254 – dinners in the freezer

#255 – blushing as I walk at the same park with my kids where a lifetime ago I once kissed a boy in those trees and dreamed big dreams…now his sons climb the very same trees

#256 – a house to call our own

#257 – the love that happens here



What an adorable picture of your parents with the grandkids. I love how you are thankful for things that aren’t necessarily perfect. I am so into Fall this year because we never really had it last year!


I love this list…I don’t think I could give up coffee!! Your header picture…where was that taken? I love it!!


I love dinners in the freezer too! Our Kitchen club met for the first time and boy did it come in handy this week! Congratulations on your little one


This list makes me smile.