Just Heard Thursday


We thought we would start a weekly posting of the funny things we heard our kids say.  It is a rare day when at least one of them doesn’t say something that catches us off guard or causes us to laugh.  We figured you all might get a kick out of some of these things as well.  All of you with kids know exactly what we are talking about and probably could write your own post about the funny things you heard, so go ahead and let us know about it; we would love to read what your kids are saying.  Here are a few things we heard around our house recently:

Caleb – “Mooooom!  It smells like a delicious stinky diaper in here!” (Caleb, smelling a certain package that Kyler delivered in his room, wanting to solve the problem but was trying really hard not to be rude about it.)


Kyler – “Watch me.  Kyler is Superman!” (as he jumps off the arm couch, over his mama, and onto the other cushion.  We have another dare devil in the house and right now he’s talking in the 3rd person on a regular basis)


Caleb – “Dad’s going to be the dragon…we need to go get his superpowered underwears!”



Thanks for the laugh!!! I needed it!
When I asked the boys what they wanted to do tonight, Thomas wanted to take a bath and Aidan wanted to “fly a plane to Aunt Liz’s house”.


I could use some of those super-powered underwares too! and Silas has talked in the 3rd person for a year now. Drives me crazy 🙂



Love the title of this weekly post.


here that christopher??…..you need to get superpowered underwears 🙂

p.s. SICU was awesome today!!


By the way, don’t ask about the superpowered underwears…


Sooo Chris,

About those superpowered underwears, what exactly WAS Caleb talking about?Huh?! Huh!? :o)