Just Heard Thursday – potty training edition


I’ll just warn you now – if bodily functions bother you, read no further.  But since Kyler, out of no where, decided to potty train these past two weeks just after his 3rd birthday (a full year earlier than his brother) I was shocked and delighted.

And up to my ears in bathroom trips, keeping the favorite undies clean, chocolate chip rewards and quotable quotes about going potty.

These are ALL from Kyler this week (all with shrieks of delight):

k toilet

“Oh my, look at dat one!  Dat how tall daddy is, so big!”

“Come look!!  This poo poo is fluffy!”

“Look!  I pooping out a snowman!  There is the head coming..”

“Get out of the way Mama, I’m gonna poop on your hand!”

“Wittle poo poo, wittle bit chocolate…..big poo poo, BIG CHOCOLATE!”



Seriously, that kid is hilarious. Yay, for only having one in diapers!


So funny! Way to “go” Kyler!!


Awesome!! Gotta love that boy!! I second the yay for only have one in diapers, too!!!!