Just Heard Thursday


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:


Caleb – “Mommy, how come I did not get to go with you when Audrey was born?”

Mama – “Well, you were a little too young.”

Caleb – Sigh.  “Next time can I PLEAASE come?”

Mama – “Sure.”


Caleb – “Mommy, when I was watching that movie (Homeward Bound), I almost cried.”

(As he is telling this to his mama, he begins to actually cry about how sad/happy the movie was)


Songs that Kyler makes up at bedtime…seriously people, he is the cutest kid at bedtime.

“I like my Dad…my awesome Dad…he my favorite guy…I like my Dad…”

“My mom is cool…I love my Mom…My mom is cool…I love my Mom…”

(all songs come with a similar beat and bobbing of the head)


Caleb – “My legs tell me to get out of bed because they want to play because they are not tired!”

Rylee – “My legs say stay in bed, we are sooo tired.”

Daddy – “Kyler, what do your legs say when they are in bed?”

Kyler – “My legs say go sleep with Mama.  Snuggle.”


Rylee – Daddy, guess what?

Daddy – “What?”

Rylee – “I am going to lose my tooth tonight!”

Daddy – (thinking this was just one more stall tactic before getting into bed)  “Great honey, now keep working on it and who knows, maybe it will come out tonight.”

20 minutes later after Audrey is already asleep in her room

Rylee – “See Daddy?” (as she quietly comes out of her dark room with a bloody mouth and something in her hand)

Daddy – “Well, I guess you were right.  Nice work, you lost your second tooth!”


Mama – “Kyler, did you try to have a popsicle last night?”

Kyler – “Yes.  I try but not get it open.  I try knife, I try tools, but I could not get it open.  Hrmmph…(followed by the classic Kyler furrowed brow look).”  Definitive proof that it WAS Kyler! As if we didn’t know:)



What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog (you can even use our logo and link back here).

Happy Thursday!


Wendy Moe

1. Casie: “My plate’s flexible” — Combining two sayings, (a) My plate is full and (a) I’m flexible.

2. Casie: “Hill we go!” — as we were going up a hill.

3. Casie: “Wendy, when are you going to make me my baked potato?

Daddy: “Casie, when I was your age, I was making my own baked potato.”

Casie: “Okay Daddy, YOU can make me my baked potato.”


I like how she thinks!


My doctors office called, and it happend to be my OBGYN with a response to an insurance question(no Im not pregnant!) Logan asked who was on the phone.
I sad, Dr. Russell’s office
L: to tell us about our new baby!
ME: No we dont have a baby
L:where is our baby, in dr. russell’s pocket?

I guess Logan is ready, but we arent:)


I enjoyed everyone’s comments – so fun!

Kyler is at SUCH a cute age. Oh my, I am still laughing at his candid confession. “I try knife.” Love it.

OK, Christopher, we finally did our own Just Heard edition…



I was cleaning my laundry room yesterday and I came across something of YOURS (yes yours) that I thought I send to you LONG LONG ago and as I think about it I almost want to start crying knowing you’ve maybe been waiting for it and here it was sitting this whole time and there I was thinking I had sent it this whole time! Email me please. I don’t have your e-address and I before I send it, I want to know if it will still work.


I LOVE the “I try knife”. Oh, little kyler!!