Just Heard Thursday


I couldn’t wait until Thursday for this one…Enjoy.

It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:

Caleb: (9:00pm after he’s been in bed for about an hour)” Mom…can you make me some sausage and panpapes, with syrup for dipping my sausage and syrup for my panpapes and to dip my sausage with?”


Kyler: (with a rising fist to the air) “Rock on Dad!” (a new Kyler catch phrase)


Kyler:  “Mama, look, raisins!”  (Not too funny until you realize he was looking at the rabbits in their cage at the farm!)


Daddy:  What are you looking forward to most about having chickens?

Rylee:  They are going to be chickies first!

Caleb:  We’re all going to be feeding them and we could look for the eggs to see if they have a crack every day.  And we can hold the baby chickens and put them by the heater.

Kyler:  I like chickies!


And now, we have the first ever Just Seen Thursday!


Okay, this picture of Kyler on our newly installed rope swing is screaming for a caption contest.  So get your creative hats on and let me know what you think the caption should be.

What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog and link back here.
Happy Thursday!



Oh did you have some cute ones!!

I’m speechless for a caption, but that is sooo cute. Can’t wait to read the winner’s caption…


“I’m a Tarzan in training”

That’s the best I can come up with after my very long day. Those were cute, thanks for the laughs.


Ok, I can’t think of a caption right now, BUT oh my gosh!! You should definitely hold on to this and bust it out in about 12 years 🙂