Just Heard Thursday

Kyler:  “Mom, I just did the best ‘m’ ever, come see, it’s my best ‘m’ you have to come see!”

Mom (raising voice much higher than needed and slurring every word together talking too fast):  “What?  On the newly painted white moulding? Why in the world would you do that?  Do we have paper?  Why would you write on a door frame?”

Kyler:  “But it’s a good ‘m’ Mama, my best one…”

Mom (two deep breaths in, realizing I’m crushing a proud little heart):  “Yes, but we write on paper buddy, not on pristine freshly painted wood.  Next time show me your letter on paper okay?”


Kyler (sounding royally annoyed in the dark at bedtime):  “Why’d I have to get circumcised?”

I’m starting to think that the Bible on CD we can’t get enough of might inspire some questions and conversations I’m not quite ready for…


Kyler (again frustrated, talking to himself while walking to the bathroom):  “Can’t believe I have to go the bathroom again, I already went yesterday.”



I can relate to Kyler’s bathroom comment, although right now mine is, “can’t believe I have to go to the bathroom again. I just went 10 minutes ago!”


Kyler is hilarious!