Just Heard Thursday

I am having lots of trouble loading pictures on the blog…which is why Audrey’s birthday post from yesterday is not up.  But here’s your Just Heard Thursday without my little logo!

Rylee (upon examining a dead mole baby we found while walking):  “See here, it’s mouth is wide open.  It died screaming for it’s mama.  How sad is that guys?”


Rylee (at the mall walking past the fountain):  “Do they empty the fountain out and give all the money to poor people?”
Mama:  “I don’t know but I sure hope so, that would be wonderful.”
Rylee:  “Can we find out?  Because wouldn’t it be sad if it got wasted and left there?”
Mama:  “We should.”  And we will find out, because the fact that it was important to her, makes it important to me.


The kids were playing with my wallet, taking out money and counting it.  I was doing dishes and overheard, “That’s 100!”.  Later that day, I realized that the hundred dollar bill was gone and only $7 dollars remained…not exactly enough for groceries!  Upon asking and looking everywhere it was not found.  That was yesterday.

Kyler (today, out of the blue):  “You can have my money mama.  It’s right here.  I think it’s a quarter….no it’s just a penny.  But you can have it since you lost yours.”

Mama (with a big sigh):  “Thanks Kyler.”


Caleb:  “WHOA! I just swallowed a huge ice cube, better watch out when that goes through me!”

I just smiled instead of diving into a lesson on melting ice in the stomach.


Nate Rich

Hey’ Did you ever find your $100 bill?


Just two days ago, yes. It had been carefully stashed in someones ‘special’ area. If we hadn’t had someone coming to paint all our trim, we never would have found it. But since we moved every stitch of furniture, we did! So thankful.


I love that girl. Screaming for his mama!!! And she is soooo your daughter; she has such a heart to help others in very practical ways. Thanks for the great laughs!