Just Heard Thursday

It’s been a while!  I only have two little snippets to share today…

Caleb drew a  family picture, the first one he’s ever made.  And this is what it looked like:

Before he labeled all the people I asked who was who and he responded:

Well, you are in the middle of course Mama.  And you’re thick.  So that’s you.  And Daddy’s not so thick, he’s on your side.  I’m on your other side, see?  With my arm on your shoulder?  Uh oh…looks like I forgot to draw Kyler.  Here, we can squeeze him in here.


I’d like to say that it doesn’t bother me one tiny bit and I’m totally secure in who I am.  I’ve come a long ways from the borderline anorexic completely weight-obsessed 17 year old who needed counseling.  And I’m honestly more comfortable in my skin than I’ve been in my life but I still wouldn’t mind being less ‘thick’.

Being drawn by my 5 year old as ‘the thick one’ wasn’t probably a high point of my day and that’s the truth.

On a lighter note after having a sweet 20-something friend over last night for dinner to catch up on life with us, Rylee listened intently as our friend shared a completely enchanting love story that is unfolding in her life right now.

Today, after pondering all that she heard last night of love and romance and a very magical courtship Rylee had but one insightful question:

Why doesn’t Daddy do all that stuff that Heather’s friend does?

I answered as best as I could and tried to explain to a 6 year old that when you are dating, you work extra hard to make the other person feel special and you show your love to them in all kinds of ways.  I told her that when I was 16, Daddy baked me brownies with a special note actually cooked inside the brownie.  He brought me flowers all the time.  We hand wrote dozens of letters to each other.  We went out on dates together every weekend and talked until 3 in the morning just for fun.

I told her that when you get married and settle into life together, all the special things don’t usually happen quite so often and you get to show your love in different ways that are meaningful but not the same.

She was not impressed.  I’m pretty sure she thought all the sweetness that our friend had shared over dinner sounded much more wonderful.  Which is just fine for now.  But it was darling to watch her little mind try to process the whole thing.



What a wonderful picture!!!! I love how you Karissa were put in the middle of the picture, just how Caleb sees you the center of the family holding everyone together. I love it, he is a sweetheart for sure!!!


Ok, that is precious. I love the sweet mind of an almost 7 year old. I love you – – thick, thin and anywhere inbetween.


love this soo much, I can’t even tell you. Oh, and tell Rylee that watching Daddy wash a load of dishes makes us mommies swoon….she’ll be rolling eyes for sure.


They are so precious! Honnah told me last week (in the full church bathroom, just before Awana)”Mom, when I get older, I’m going to have a big bottom just like you!” I love you, my friend, and can’t wait to see you in one week!!!!!