Just Heard Thursday


This will be brief this week, sick kids and a tired mama are what we’ve got around here!


Kyler:  “Can I sleep with you mama?”

Mama:  “No, you may sleep in your own bed.  Rylee only sleeps in there on the floor because she is sick.”

(5 minutes go by)

Daddy:  “Don’t stick your finger in Rylee’s mouth Kyler, that’s gross.”

Rylee:  “I have germs Kyler, you don’t want to get sick.”

Kyler (exhuberant):  “I stick my finger in Rylee’s mouth, I get sick.  I get sick then I sleep in Mommy’s bed!”

(He then happily sticks his fingers at Rylee again, she’s quicker this time and he misses out – but seriously, that’s some logical thinking for a 3 year old!)


Rylee (in bed talking with Mama about death and other very deep things):  “When I’m in bed at night, I always look out my window to make sure no one’s there.”

Mama (concerned, trying to ease her fears):   “Have you ever seen anyone there?  Why are you worried?”

Rylee:  “No I haven’t but I’m worried someone might come and break the window and steal Basil (our cat) out of my bed.  I try real hard to keep her head covered with my blankets so no one can see her.  She’s such a sweet kitty.”

That is so the phase she’s in right now-more worried about animals and someone taking her kitty than anything else!  As I write this, Basil is dressed in a pink tutu and a pink baby tank top and she is swaddled in a pink blanket.



Basil is just like Fatso was!! I remember dressing him up is so many ridiculous things!!


Oh, thank you for the good laughs!!! Of course I laughed the hardest at the pink tutu on the cat. 🙂 That Kyler is brilliant.