Just Heard Thursday


(One day late) – it’s been a long week!

Audrey has decided it’s time to be done nursing.  It feels strange to have an almost 18 month old baby and to not be pregnant again.  By this time with all the others, we already were expecting another.  Somehow this week, Kyler became acutely aware of his sisters’ other food source (me) even though she hardly ever nurses anymore.


Kyler (forlorn, watching Audrey nurse):  “I wish I could be Audrey.  I wish I could snuggle an’ have what she’s havin’.  Yeah, I like mama so much.”

Kyler (again later, just staring at Mama):  “Yummy mama (sigh)”.


Caleb:  “Can we play that fun game?”

Mama (knows he means UNO which lasted a LONG hour yesterday):  “I just woke up, I’m not ready for that yet.”

Rylee:  “But I heard you get Audrey up early.”

Mama:  “Well I did, I got up two hours ago with her cause she was screaming her little head off.”

Caleb:  “Well then you lied to us.  You didn’t just wake up, you’ve been up a long time, you can play the game.”

Mama:  Okay, what I meant was, I’m still just waking up.  I haven’t woken up enough to play the game.

(I shuffle away sleepily)

Rylee:  “See Caleb, she can’t even make the right words yet.  She’s definitely not awake yet.”



Oh that Kyler. He does love his mama!


That is hilarious! They are REALLY listening to every word and they got me with the lying thing the other day!!


That’snfunny about the UNO! ha ha ha ha! Kids are too smart!


Ha haha they are the cutest!