Just Heard Thursday


Here are a few things that made us laugh this week (and one from July that I found and had forgotten to post)!

Kyler (to a toy phone):  “Yes, I do.”

Toy phone (again): “Do you want to be my friend?”

Kyler:  “Yes, I said yes.”

Toy phone:  “Do you want to be my friend?”

Kyler (exasperated, still holding the phone to his ear):  “Yes, I said YES already!”


Toy car:  “The Piston Cup is mine!”

Kyler:  “No its not.  It’s mine!”

Apparently he can argue with toys if no one else is around.


At the dinner table last night a discussion of muscles arose:

Caleb:  “Squeeze real hard Kyler, like this-then you can show your muscle.”

Rylee:  “If dad were here, he would show us his muscle and it would be like a giant, hard rock.  He’s so strong.”

Kyler:  “You have muscles mom?”


Rylee:   “Yeah, Princess Camp was pretty fun today.  Except this one girl named _____.  She made us call her  AngelCake.  She was really mean.  She kept hitting me with the streamer sticks we were playing with.  She kept going in time out.  She didn’t listen at all.  That was not so fun.”



pretty cute family
and the quotes bring back mem’ries
thank you for the smile 🙂

Cheers All!


Kyler is too funny. Totally made my day today when he screamed in my face “You’re my buddy.” 🙂


That Kyler boy! Glad he can entertain himself 🙂