Just Heard Thursday

We are about to start our school time today but really quick I wanted to share these before I forget, no time to find my husband’s nifty logo, maybe later!  These were things I heard this week that made me smile…

Mama:  “Kyler, please finish your waffles.”

Kyler:  “Can’t, puppies don’t eat waffles.”

(later this morning) Mama: “Please put some underwear on.”

Kyler:  “Puppies don’t wear underwear.”

(finding Kyler sucking a pacifier reserved for sleeping) Mama: “Kyler, puppies don’t suck binkies, take it out.”

Kyler:  {silence}

Feels good to beat them at their own game some days!


Yesterday heading to the city for a baseball game….

Rylee shouted:  “The Space Needle!!”

Kyler shouted back out of the blue:  “Darth Vader!!”


On the ferry to an island close by yesterday, a ferry worker heard Caleb talking back to his mama…

Ferry man (very good naturedly):  “Do I need to take you up to see the captain son?  You best not be givin’ your mama a hard time.  Know what?  Mama’s number one.  Who’s number one?  Mama.  Always number one.  See, she’s driving you all over today.  Bet she feeds you too.  When you’re a teenager and you stick to high heaven, no one else but your mama is gonna tell you to get your stick (deodrant) and use it.  Nope.  Only mama.   Number one.  You done giving her a hard time?  You gonna treat your mama right?  I hope so.

Number one.  Don’t forget it son.

Caleb hid his head at all the fuss but he was quite a polite little boy the rest of the day.


After getting scolded for being an aggresive driver by my husband yesterday (I simply didn’t want to share the carpool lane with a CHEATER) this conversation ensued:

Our young friend we brought with us said this:  “If it were my dad driving, he would honk his horn and flash his lights a lot.  Then he would follow real close.  Then he would back way off.  Then he would follow them home to their house…”

We laughed hysterically.  But I think she was serious.

Chris asked :  “What would Jesus do?”

Rylee:  “Probably not that.  Probably be patient and wait.”

Mama (sheepish):  “Probably.”

Kyler chiming in:  “But if Jesus was standing on the sidewalk.  He might get runned over by a car.  That be so sad.”



When I read the story about the ferry worker, in my head he looked and sounded like Morgan Freeman.


Thank you so much for the big belly laughs!! I needed them! That Kyler is something else! I’m liking the ferry guy too.


I’m so sorry but I am dying laughing at the “runned over” comment and hurting my sore belly. That just caught me way too off-guard. Too funny!


Totally unrelated, but some day when you have extra time, some of us (I am sure there must be more than just me!) want to know what a typical schedule looks like for you homeschooling, like on a daily and weekly basis. Working on my schedule, just curious…


Oh my!! LOVE what the ferry guy said!!


lol, oh my goodness, I love them all!!