Just Heard Thursday


Caleb and Rylee (shrieking, observing that the neighbors house had been TP’d):  “Kyler, look at that, how wonderful!!  They decorated their house for your birthday!”

I didn’t have the heart to explain the whole concept of TP-ing someones house.  They thought it was so celebratory!


After stopping on the side of the road to see if a baby kitten was still alive (I don’t think it was) Rylee and Mama had this conversation:

Rylee:  “It’s too bad we can’t give it to Auntie.”

Mama (confused):  “Why would Auntie want a dead kitty?”

Rylee:  “Well, I mean it’s too bad it was dead and we couldn’t give it to her.  Because she told me that she’s giving up on getting married.  She said she’s just going to adopt more cats.  So maybe she would have wanted it.”

Mama (smiling):  “Oh I didn’t know that, I see.  That’s very thoughtful of you.”


Keeping in mind we’ve been out of milk for 5 days due to deliquent planning….

Caleb (at dinner):  “Can I PLEASE have some milk?”

Mama:  “We’re still out of milk, maybe tomorrow, would you like some water?”

Caleb (BIG sigh, very frustrated): “Still there is no milk?  And I have no clean underwear?  And every time I want clean clothes I have to go out to the family room floor?  And there are no jammies in my dresser?  No milk?  I don’t even like water!”

Mama (realizing that my inability to tackle Laundry Mountain does actually bother him and feeling slightly bad about it):  “I’m sorry.  I promise to get milk tonight.  Water then?”


Rylee speaking about her kitten:  “I had to get him to a certain point where he would fall asleep with me last night.  I only had to flick him a few times.  And he only bit me like, maybe 6 times?  Then he fell asleep in my arms.”



Did Caleb seriously say that? I can totally see his face and hear his voice, and I am dying laughing.


Truly. He did. I just told Kelly what he said, she asked “Did you laugh or cry?” I said, “I laughed so hard I couldn’t even talk!”…if it had been a rough day, I’m sure I would’ve cried instead. That boy is something else.


HILARIOUS. I am dying laughing…especially about the TP and poor Auntie Steph!


That was great! My favorite part is Rylee flicking the cat! I can totally see her doing that. And thinking, no big deal. 🙂


Ok, Caleb is hilarious!!! So sweet of Rylee to think of her old spinster auntie, “who will be probably die, fat and alone, and be found three weeks later half-eaten by wild dogs!!!” Thank you Bridget Jones 🙂


You are NOT old silly Auntie! But make me laugh out loud thinking of the wonderful Bridget Jones, maybe I’ll rent it tonight!!


That is so funny! A good start to my morning 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the encouraging comment (that was a good start to my day too!)