Just Heard Thursday


Caleb (seeing a picture of a pregnant woman):  “Is it dangerous?”

Me: “Is what dangerous?”

Caleb: “When your shirt explodes because there’s a baby in your tummy, is that dangerous?”


Caleb (holding a cigar that he had just found):  “What is this?”

Me:  “A cigar.”

Caleb (tossing it down):  “Oh my, is this daddy’s?  Did he blow this?”

Me:  “Yes and yes.”

Caleb:  “Uh oh.”


Mama:  “Please finish your cheese if you want anything else to eat.”

Caleb (with a big sigh):  “Okay, but you’ll just have to watch me blow up because I told you I was already filled to the top.”


Rylee (hands on hips):  “Okay.  Now she’s in the car seat.  She has a toy and a snack and some water.  If she fusses at all, even one tiny bit, call me.  I’ll be outside tending to the chickens on my motorcycle.  Okay?”

Mama (noting that she is talking about her baby, not a doll but-much to her complete delight-a real live, 1 year old, amiable, lovable baby sister who is happily playing ‘house’ without knowing it):  “Sounds good, I’m just working on bills here, I’ll get you if I hear a peep.  I’ve got it.”


While the kids were playing outside and I was inside, I heard this:

Rylee:  “Yup.  Kyler it looks like you’re a rooster.  We’re gonna have to sell you on Craigslist.”


Heard about 20 times this week from Kyler:  “Mom, no say good job Kyler, you say AWESOME Kyler, okay?”

I think I’ve got it now.  I am a little slow sometimes.



Your kids are a riot!


Oh, no. It was me, wasn’t it? Did they see my belly? 🙂

Love these all. How did the exploding cheese turn out?!


No Kim, I think I was looking for a photographer and she had an ‘unborn’ section of her portfolio and that’s what he saw! I wish I could see a picture of your belly, it’s been too long.

The cheese ended well, that boy is a bottomless pit. Can’t believe how much he can eat IF it’s the right thing.


this is too funny!! I love your kids, so creative , so happy

Kristin McKinnon

I am laughing so hard I have teary eyes. Thanks – I needed that! Tending to her chickens on her motorcycle??


I love the rooster comment!! classic.


ooopppssss!!! it’s steph but just realized i am signed on as nana!! 🙂