Just Heard

Kyler (with glee):  “I’m pretending I drink wine and wear panties!”


Caleb:  “Do you want to be naked or un-naked?”


Conversation that ensued in the van today –

Rylee:  “It’s almost spring time, that’s when babies come.  How are we going to find a daddy cat to make Basil have babies?”

I take a deep breath and try to think of what to say with all four kids in the car

Caleb:  “I’m going to smash it, I’m going to squeeze it so hard that spider!!!”

Rylee (insistent):  “I mean, what does the daddy cat do anyway?  Once the babies are born can we give him away?  How long do we need the daddy cat to make Basil a mama?  Does he give her something like an egg maybe?”

I turn my head down in the car and stifle a smile and giggles.  I am so immature I tell myself.  What to say….

Caleb (interupting again):  “This is going to be an awesome battle – do you smell that, I tooted!”

Rylee:  “If the daddy cat doesn’t do much then why do we need one in the first place?”

Mama:  “I’ll fill you in when we get home, it’s complicated.”  More than you know little sweet girl…

Caleb:  “Watch I’m capturing cars, see – there I got another one!”

Kyler:  “I need food.”

That’s a perfect example of my normal day – spent driving kids to music class and drama and the park and the oh-so-random conversations that we have.  Some days I’m annoyed by it but most I find entertaining…especially today.



I got a good laugh out of that.


I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard.

Vicki Carlson

Thanks for brightening my day. Priceless!