It’s Mother’s Day

It’s a 4 AM feeding with the newest baby.

30 minutes later, its tending to a 3 year old with a high fever.

20 minutes after that its jumping out of bed to see what crashed in the girls room, just stuff that fell off their bed.

It’s laying in bed in the dark thinking of my own mama and how this is her first mother’s day with no phone call to her mom.  How strange and sad that would be and how long I hope it is before that’s me…

Then I’m thinking of my neighbor, who not only raises her own two boys but her sister’s as well after her sister passed away a few years ago.

And my other neighbor who should have three children calling her today but only one is still living after two horrific car crashes just one year apart.

I can’t sleep and can only think.  How could I be so blessed to share the relationship I do with my mom?  How could my heart burst with pride over the life she’s living out and how she’s allowed God to transform and shape her even in these later years?

It’s laying in bed for a half an hour while kids draw me pictures and this baby of mine smiles and coos at me.

It’s snuggling the feverish one since I’m all she wants.

It’s requesting a donuts and a coffee run before 8 o’clock.

It’s still trying to snag a shower at just the right time.

It’s making it to church without arguing and watching our niece’s baby dedication.

It’s holding a 3 year old in the backpack simultaneously cradling the newborn in my arms and balancing a diaper bag on my shoulder while wearing 3 inch boot heels to church just because I can.

It’s kids crying in the car wondering how their daddy’s going to make their lunch while I go out with my mom and sister.

It’s the very best gyros and free mimosas and divinely uninterrupted conversation that feels like such a gift.

It’s bright fuchsia nail polish getting painted on my tired and worn out mama toes.  They make me feel like maybe, just maybe spring is on the way…

It’s getting the text the sweet baby boy drank his very first bottle while I was away and the slightly euphoric feeling it brings, knowing I’ll be able to get a little break here and there in the months to come.

It’s grilling my own steak and potatoes dinner because cooking just isn’t his forte and I love steak.  We both do what we’re good at and it’s okay.

It’s gardening into the dark, just one more plant to get in the cold ground and hope it thrives.



Happy belated Mother’s Day! Hi, this is Min in Pohang, South Korea. ^^ Your wonderful mom was just here as Women’s Hope Center’s Volunteer Training Conference speaker. We all fell in love with her by the way.^^ She encouraged me to check out your blog. How do you find time to blog?! I’ve been trying myself for the past several months and haven’t been too successful. *^^* Sorry for the choppy comment – I’m trying to get my 3 year old daughter ready to go out to see her first musical. I hope to drop in on your blog often!


That was a special day yesterday! So glad we got to celebrate Ruby and being Moms on the same day. So glad I was home to do it! We are blessed beyond belief. Love you.