It depends on how you look at it…

#297 – a fresh supply of Redbox DVD’s to help get through the day with 4 sick kids

#298 – our first true sick day in 11 weeks of homeschool

#299 – seven hours of sleep for mama

#300 – quinoa soup

#301 – the nedi-pot…seriously awesome invention for colds!

#302 – the up side of delayed growth in our 2 1/2 year old…I can still tote her around in the Ergo which is all she wants when she’s sick

#303 – a long enough buckle on the Ergo to still fasten under my baby belly 🙂

#304 – abounding pregnancies and the blessing of new life everywhere it seems

#305 – a husband who silently strips sheets, flings vomit chunks off the back deck at 3 AM with a good attitude

#306 – mini Snickers, a misnomer really, when you eat 10 of them I’m pretty sure it’s not “mini”

#307 – fall soups, three on the menu docket this week

#308 – the first chapter of James

#309 – book piles everywhere

#310 – these eyes

#311 – this belly button




Hope you guys are feeling better. Do you knit? I noticed all those cool hats.


Oh, I hope y’all are better! I enjoyed talking with you at the theatre last week; your family seems like Ann’s (no ‘e’) to me: beautiful and lovely!


Not to mention those leaves!

I hope the illness goes quickly and stays away!