Is it possible?

Is it possible that I am reading The Explosive Child by Ross Greene for wisdom on how better to parent this sweet, sleeping little boy?  What a treasure-first nap in 3 weeks for him!

Is it possible that these bags are full of my clean laundry that covered our school table this morning and I was too overwhelmed by it to do anything but stuff it in bags so it didn’t get more covered with dog hair and so that we could do school in a little bit together?

Is it possible I am in great, monumental need of some coffee this morning…or that I washed a BANANA more times already today than I’d care to admit to calm an agitated, close to out of control four year old?

It might just be…



that is hilarious!! i love you so much! hey- at least the laundry was clean 😉

Julie Huebner

Hey! Hang in there! Luke hit that agitated, frustrating stage at about 3 1/2, and is just starting to come out of it now at 5 1/2. I thought for sure that something was severely wrong with him, or my parenting for awhile! It does get better!

Julie Huebner

Oh, and for the laundry…I started doing this when Molly was 5 and Luke was 3. I had Molly go through the clean laundry and pull out all of the Pink, Red, or Purple clothes and fold them. (Because those were her favorite colors.) Luke did all of the Green, brown, and black clothes. Then they could get a raisin, peanut, or choc chip (depending on what was in the house) for every item they folded. Then we would all go through and pull out all of the socks and we would each have a pile of the ones we had pulled out. Then we would play “Go fish” with our sock pile until they all had pairs! The kids love it, and it teaches them team work! Just an idea!


I’m totally laughing! and like steph said, at least they were clean!

and great idea Julie…