The list of thankful continues…

#286 – a calm weekend

#287 – a date night…getting to share full sentences, take deep breaths and enjoy each other

#288 – grace for really, really crummy days

#289 – a full fridge

#290 – parents who live and love globally and invited us to have an authentic Indian dinner at their home tonight, complete with spices and treats brought back from their recent trip

#291 – eating with our hands and not getting in trouble-nan bread, tiki masala, dal and more that I can’t spell or pronounce…amazing food!

#292 – sweet Ruby cheeks

#293 – these grandparents and their brood of 6 loves (they brought back colorful, beautiful outfits for all of us from India, we all wore them tonight)

#294 – this boisterous, delightful little grinning nephew of mine

#295 – getting to see pictures and hear stories about their time in Northern India – incredible.





What a special time! What beautiful outfits! I can’t think of anything better to do on Halloween. (Do I see the makings of a Sween Christmas picture?? Adorable!!) Now I am salivating for Indian food…yum.


Aww, so cute!! So bummed I couldn’t be there. Had fun at work though with all the kids that come trick or treating. We have about 400 kids come through the building and get candy from all the residents while they sit in their doorways. It’s chaos but really fun!

Jon Sween

That was such a fun evening. I am so grateful for a wife who takes the time to make a gathering like that so much fun. Great having a family that lives missionally locally and internationally.


Preparing that dinner was maybe the most fun I have ever had cooking! What a blessing to get to share it with all of you.


Incredible! What was your favorite dish? It all looks so amazing…