Incredible inspiration

At the thrift store last weekend I grabbed a couple of the books from this series, it was published by YWAM so I figured I would probably enjoy it. There are 25 books total in the series, called Heroes for Young Readers.  It is written in rhyming form, so it’s very catchy and easy to read out loud.  As I read the kids the story of Gladys Aylward and her incredible journey through the hills of China rescuing 94 orphans from the Japanese invasion, I wept to the point I couldn’t even talk.  I was blown away by her faith and by the difference her life made in the lives of those children.

Finding non-fiction that is appealing and interesting to 5 and 6 year olds is harder than I’d expected.  And I love reading Little House on the Prairie and The Boxcar Children, but there is something very inspiring reading about something that really happened.   Rylee requested for more yesterday, she asked “Can we read about the heroes again, please?!”.

So if you are looking for a short, powerful story to read to your children about men and women whose lives made an amazing impact in the world around them, try and track some of these down.