Impromptu adventures

Possibly the best kind…I texted her early, inquiring if she was up for a quick berry picking stop and then a walk at the park nearby.  The perk of having a baby that’s up before 7 am is I’m on my second cup of coffee and am scheming up something fun before some of my friends are awake!  We had such a delightful day, us and our collective 11 children.  No one wanted to go home…

photo 1[2]

The Tolt River suspension bridge – as impressive as I remember it from my childhood!

photo 2[2]

our combined crew

photo 3 (6)

girl time – these two talked non stop on those rocks for over two hours!

photo 4 (2)

boy time – “please don’t throw mud at me again”  or  “that’s my rock”

photo 5

he was intent on building a dam like the big brothers

photo 1 (4)

this little girl loved raspberries…and dirt too

photo 2 (6)

she also loved her hours long nap in the bushes where we tucked her in a shady spot by the river while the other kids played

photo 3[1]

not much unsettles Finn, but the sway of the bridge did and big brother Caleb was very quick to take his hand and walk him across