Imperfect people

Yesterday we read about the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle.  Fascinating and amazing the way God was present with his people in the desert.  I was all excited to build a tent ‘tabernacle’ in the living room and then read the 10 commandments as we talked about how they resided in the Ark.

But, food came first, as it does these days.  So Rylee and I were mixing up an apple cake for after dinner – which in case you wondered, I ate 4 pieces of before the day was over.  She was about done working and said:

After I finish helping you bake, I’m going to go make a dwelling place for God in the living room, okay Mama?

I grinned and said that sounded good.  I love that that was the part of our reading she’d captured, she didn’t try to pronounce tabernacle, but instead called it what it was.  And I for one would love more of God dwelling in our living room.  It’s been a more than challenging week with attitudes and behaviors.

She started gathering supplies then Caleb came to help.  It started off good but quickly went downhill as they argued about how the tent should be built, what parts to use, etc.  I was bummed but I couldn’t help but think, this is probably what it looked like…imperfect people who had clear instructions on what to do but they still grumbled about all the details. This is so me.  I know what my heart should look like (I’ve been reading through the New Testament, chock full of inspiration on how to live) but despite a continual pursuit, I still fall short.

And just like God patiently, faithfully led the Israelites through what had to be a crazy hard 40 years, he consistently does the same when I let him.  Not with a cloud, sometimes I think that would be nice.  But in ways that are just as real and relevant for me.

So, really still wanting to make it happen,  I gave up on our tent making and opted for our little pop up sun tent.  We huddled inside and started to read Exodus.  We got through 3 commandments, slight fussing about how cramped we were, and then somebody farted.

The moment was over and everyone ran away.  I was left at the door to the tent, holding my Bible and laughing.  This is my life.



I love how you improvise! What a great lesson. I’ll bet a lot of it seeped into their little hearts.


You weren’t the only one laughing!!!! Classic!


Welcome to the Sween family 😉