I’m the one…

with the screaming toddler at the side of the pool who can’t stand watching his siblings do swim lessons for thirty long minutes and a  two year old darling who is crying for the candy she saw when she walked in

watching my other son who is in the pool, cry and yell and kick his tiny 17 year old instructor as she makes her best attempt at easing him into the freezing pool

who wonders if swim lessons are worth all this trauma

who fell asleep in clothes, with make-up on, teeth unbrushed and all the lights on in my room two nights ago

whose boys are hitting eachother at the chiropractors office with the rubber reflex mallet

who can’t seem to find shoes for their children that are free of chicken poop

with the glazed over look and complete lack of words sitting at Applebees last night with four hungry children seven and under while sipping lemonade and telling myself I will get through this day and this pile of french fries is my friend

whose son ripped the hair out of the kung fu lion at the doctor’s office yesterday

whose daughter ate part of the cover of a book at same chiropractor’s officer, yes, yesterday

whose children giggled uncontrollably when they saw a drawing of the human body, unclothed, at said office

whose son remarked loudly when seeing the doctor “HE’S HUGE!!!”

who tried not to cry when kind office worker lady at the office said, “I think you must be crazy, having all these children”

who raised her voice more than she has in a long, long time these past two days

who wasn’t patient and thoughtful and wisdom-filled with her troop this week

who thinks skipping naps for the sake of finding adventure, twice in one weekend, will not be repeated

who is clinging to this verse on this less than perfect day

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.   -Hebrews 4:16



My goodness you had quite the day! You have such a way of writing as to show the humor in all the difficulty. People say the strangest things to you. …clinging with you to that helpful verse…


I love this blog the more I read it. Thank you for writing such honest stuff – those of us who can relate are so greatly encouraged!