I’m not supermom?

Shoot, what a bummer.

There was a moment several months ago before Finn was born and I remember it very clearly.  I told the kids and my husband how they were getting a bit spoiled with how I was keeping up with all of them and their food/laundry/schooling/etc needs.  I told them that once the baby came, I’d need them to pitch in more (kids, not hubby!).  I don’t think I was especially prideful about it but I did feel confident in how I was managing life and our household…for the first time in, maybe, years?

I don’t think its bad to feel good about being on top of things and it can be really encouraging to be in that place every now and then.  I hadn’t been there for about 7 years since our second child was born and shook my world so much that I plummeted into a lengthy bout of post-partum depression.  So I’d like to say it was only fair that I get my turn, except I don’t believe in fairness or the idea that life is actually fair – it isn’t.

Fast forward.  Enter Phineas.

Darling and hearty baby boy.  Named after a very bold man of the Bible who took the initiative to stand for God’s honor.  Did I think our boy could bear this big name?  Absolutely, we were certain it was meant for him.  It actually means ‘oracle’ which means:

  • a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements
  • a divine communication or revelation
So it really shouldn’t surprise me that he doesn’t have a ‘quiet cry’ and that he is anything but passive and mellow. Most of the time I go through about 4 things to get him calmed down when he’s worked up but they aren’t the same 4 things every time and not in the same order either.  Talk about keeping me on my toes!
Still, it has been an adjustment to say the least.  Adjustments aren’t easy, even when you know they’re coming and you know they are wonderful (and he is wonderful, for the record!).  So while we fine tune life and laundry piles up and we watch too many shows on Netflix and we eat pizza too many times, all I can do is remember that this too will pass.   And lest I forget, I can (and have!) always text my sister or a friend and ask them to remind me.



In my book, you ARE supermom!


I just love and can relate to a lot of what you write about! We are in a similar stage of life. It is wonderfully chaotic and I am just starting to feel like the tips of my toes are touching the ground. Our 3rd baby is just 5 months.

God bless!