I wish I smelled like Versace…

..but I smell like strawberry flavored cod liver oil instead.  I was trying to get Kyler’s shoes on while he drank his vitamins-a bad idea apparently-but multitasking is the name of the game around here.   After I said, “Hold it with two hands, don’t spill it!” , he promptly poured the cup in my lap.  I flew off the handle “Are you kidding me?  I just said hold it with both hands, I just told you not to spill it, these are my LAST CLEAN PANTS!”.  Now Kyler is crying, he feels really bad.  I run to the bathroom, no towels, check the hall closet, no towels.  For crying out loud, where are all my towels?  I use a dirty sweatshirt but by now the juice is soaked in to my skin.  Then I remember all my laundry is in the family room.  On the couch.  Lot of good it’s doing there right now.

And to think I actually got a shower today after spending two nights and all day yesterday in the same pajamas (and yes I went to the doctor, the store and the park) and I actually did spray my most favorite Versace perfume gracefully onto my neck and wrist just minutes before I was covered in cod liver oil.  Okay, not covered but really, it was a lot.

I held Audrey in my arms all night as she cried, tried to sleep and had a fever.  I did not sleep but dozed off sitting on the couch a few times.  We were headed to the dr this morning already to get Caleb’s cast sawed off (that should be fun) and his foot x-rayed again.   Now we’ll get to have Audrey checked out too.  That works out nicely.

I wonder if anyone will notice my new fragrance.  I really don’t have any other pants to wear.  This life as a mother is really something else.   Trying to remember what goes on my thankful list for today and taking a deep breath.

#1-Four darling children call me their mother and love me to pieces even when I get upset.  Oh, that’s right.  I guess stinky pants and no sleep is worth that.  Actually I don’t guess, I am quite sure it is.  Even today.



Im not sure how you do it day in and day out. You are stronger than I will evr be. Praying for a good night sleep Karissa. Let me know if I can eevr help in anyway. Keep me posted on the Caleb’s foot!


That is one funny article (although I almost started crying). Cod liver oil is one of my least favorite smells! What a day. I’m wondering how Audrey is. Hope you get some rest soon.


Oh, Karissa!! I am so glad you found joy in the day. Love you.


This made me smile. I love your honesty. Have you ever thought about writing your own column on motherhood (outside of this blog)?? 🙂 I think you’d be terrific at it…