Homeschool “recess”

Since summer never came and now it’s finally here, we’ve been unwilling to miss out on the lovely days when they come…so we’ve been up early, hard at work getting schoolwork finished so that we could head to the park for a brief lunch picnic and play time.

This week our history reading covered Ancient Egypt, which is full of wildly fascinating things to learn about – like mummies:

And in our loose study of geography (it sort of just fits in all over as we learn new things about new places and keep heading back to the map!) we have been focusing on India as my parents just returned from there this week and brought back some darling Indian clothing for the kids:

We ventured to one of our favorite parks yesterday to end the week and watched a screech owl cleaning itself in the bushes, saw countless turtles and waterfowl and ran to our hearts content!

Rylee brought all the supplies for a little science experiment that she made up, she was sure her 2 year old cousin Isaac would want to do it with her.  He enjoyed it as much as she did I think…it was so cute!


Jon Sween

Was so fun to hang out at the park with all of you. Glad that our family thinks about and prays for our world in far away places like India and Kazakhstan.


Izy did love the experiment! It was pretty cute listening to him try and explain to Todd that, “Rylee did a science experiment with me at the park.” I was thinking about it today, and it made me smile thinking about how thoughtful and kind Rylee is to Izy.


BTW, found that web-site. The binky blanket was only $10. I ordered one for Ruby without the binky attachment.


what is it? I need to bookmark it again. so glad you found it!


Such cute pics! Sad I couldn’t join you guys.


What a marvelouse time! Is that TP on your kids? What a great idea.


Yes, TP. Can’t take credit for the idea, it was in our history text this week!