Happy Tuesday


A much better morning than yesterday…all six of us at the pediatric dentist-it was a nightmare…today we are pleasantly at home, enjoying some new activities from a book I am reading “Teach me to do it myself: Montessori activities for you and your child” by Maja Pitamic.  It has some very practical and inexpensive ideas that we are loving.  I was struggling to keep Kyler engaged and out of trouble and also needing some activities to appeal to all the senses (for Caleb).  It is a good starting point for me.


Caleb’s paper chain, he loves scissor time.  It is “C’ week.  I really upset the kids yesterday by telling them cheese starts with C.  Since it doesn’t make the typical C sound, they did not believe me and Rylee ended up sobbing about it.  Mental note for next time…


Rylee doing one of activities from the book, pipe cleaners in a salt shaker.  She made me several different ‘flowers’ with different patterns.


Kyler also doing a new idea from the book, clipping clothespins to a basket then unclipping them all.


Rylee trying to read to Audrey.  I listened and she was saying “Now Audrey, this is a library book, don’t grab, we need to be extra careful….now can you count the dots with me?  Good job, no grabbing, one, two, three, four…”



They are so lucky to have such a creative mom like you! Oh pipe cleaners…I must tell a story.

When I had labor and delivery day during OB clinical my patient’s boyfriend was crazy…seriously. Instead of bringing a camera to take pics of his new baby or something nice for his girlfriend, he brings a giant bag of pipe cleaners. He sat for hours and made big, long, weird pipe cleaner “creations” as he called them and hung them from her IV pole. It was so odd, but highly amusing. I had to share that 🙂

Love to you.


yay, yay yay for montessori! loving what you are all learning 🙂