Happy May Day!

Since it is a certain boy’s 8th birthday today, we took the day off school and had big plans to make flower arrangements for all our new neighbors.  Usually if I by chance have a great idea, I don’t always actually implement it.  Today was one of those rare and lovely exceptions.  It was the fourth year I have so wanted to do this and the first year we actually have.  Having just moved out here and having a street full of new people to get to know, it seemed like the perfect chance to make their day a little brighter and basically say “yes, we’re the new people at the end of the road with the houseful of kids and animals….come on by and say hello!”


They each picked out one color bouquet then we brought them home and got to work.


Everyone shared the ONLY pair of scissors we could find when I know we must own at least ten pairs.


We decided small canning jars would be the best way to deliver flowers, even if we don’t get them back!


Audrey really got into it – really though, everyone did!


We printed out a copy of the poem we are memorizing for grammar right now, it was too perfect for a May Day bouquet!


Each one was a little different and all the kids took turns signing their names on the back under Rylee’s writing “Happy May Day!”.


Kyler did the first delivery, happy to ring door bell and run after carefully placing the flowers on the doormat.


Audrey was on don’t-let-them-spill duty in the wagon – she did great.  It was a delightful way to spend the morning together!



Love it! How fun! And what a great way to meet the neighbors. I was just telling the girls that we need to do something like that…next year 😉 Love & hugs!

Tina Bustamante

Love it! Such a great way to spend the morning.

Pat Sween

The flowers are beautiful but those smiles are even better!


SO cute!! What a blessing to your new neighbors!