Happy Birthday Rylee!

Happy 7th  Birthday Rylee!  It is quite something for me to think back and remember waiting 6 long days to even hold you in my arms after you were born 5 weeks early.  You fought hard to breathe, to live and faced incredible challenges in the first year of your life.  You overcame and your body was restored to perfect health.  And now, healthy as can be, you are turning 7.  I am amazed and blessed to know you.  You live with a certain amount of pressure and responsibility that always come along with being the first born.  You want to please, to succeed and to do things right.  You care a lot if you don’t do those things.  It is a quality that you come by naturally and one that will be both a blessing and a challenge in the years to come.  Your smile is bright when you share it-which is usually often, you are cautious and think before acting.  You are an amazing little reader and like learning when it’s on your terms.

Your greatest trait is the heart of compassion and care for others.  You often see a need before I do and do all you can to meet it.  You are tremendously sensitive to what is going with the people around you.  You ask more questions than most kids I know and I am praying for enduring patience to answer them and to foster the gift God gave you in that inquisitive nature.  You don’t want to miss anything.    And I don’t want to miss the delight it is to have you as our firstborn.  You are growing fast and you are abundantly loved.  You are like your daddy in that you are at your best at night, you lay in bed and read to me for as long as I let you.  You talk and talk and I try to stay awake to listen.  You love to sleep in and love being cozy.

Your presence made me a mother.  Your prayers (along with God’s providence) gave me another daughter to be your sister.  Your laughter is a daily blessing.  Your nurturing heart makes me smile.

Love always,




Oh my goodness– I am almost in tears. What a precious girl. When you spoke of her compassion for others I immediately remembered her holding me (her 27 year old aunt) in her arms as I wept over the sadness of Grandma’s condition. I pulled away feeling guily for falling apart in front of her, and she just pulled me closer. We sat in Mom’s bathroom for nearly 10 minutes. I am priviledged to be her auntie stephie and love watching her grow and explore life.


Happy birthday!! You are such an amazing girl, Im so happy you were born. You are a blessing to everyone


Rylee you are such a wonderful granddaughter. I wish I could have been there to give you a big hug and tell you how much I love you. You are so loved by God and your wonderful family. Love you to the moon and back.


What a beautiful letter. You have an amazing daughter! You are so articulate at expressing her traits – it sounds just like her and its also fun to learn more about her. Yes, her smile and caring presence are always noticed!! Love the photos you picked.