Happy Birthday Kyler!

Dear four year old Kyler,

Four years ago today, we drove to the hospital on a bright sunny day to get induced so that we could meet you.  It was my first induction and I was nervous but your labor was strangely peaceful and lovely.  Five hours later you were born and you were calm and beautiful from day one.  You loved binkies and your special blankie and you loved to snuggle.  You slept when you wanted and were a delightful little baby.  You were big, just like your brother and grew quickly into a wonderfully round little boy.  Just this morning while you held my hand I admired your pudgy little fingers and was glad you still have them.  Your cheeks and your oh-so-full kissable lips are a perfect match for your dark chocolate eyes.

You’ve become famous for an array of mischievous adventures that have made their way to my blog.  This last little while you are exerting your boy-ness and trying to figure out what your place in our family looks like.  You follow after a rather bossy but loving sister and a high-need, very sensitive brother.  If I were in your shoes, I would think that would be hard.  I’m pretty sure it is and in the months to come, I pray that you’ll find your niche and figure out that being naughty isn’t the only way to get my attention.

Listening to you talk is one of my favorite things.  You skip the ‘s’ at the beginning of words and it always, always makes me smile.  I know it will soon pass and you’ll talk like a big kid.  So for now, I adore it.  Just a few months ago you gave up your binky and sleep has been hard ever since.  Up till then you just hopped into bed and snoozed the night away.

You love your Spiderman shirt and you always ask to ‘do school’ like your older siblings.  You cry every time we talk about going to preschool in September.  You have the best lips for pouting.  You have the BEST giggle when something tickles your funny bone.  You can be very tender when you choose and you don’t like it when Mama cries.  You find Audrey’s blankie for her when she’s sad.  You are growing strawberries in the front yard this year in your box.  You love fruit and you always want to help me cook.  You love to wrestle with your daddy.

You are loved.  You are a precious gift to our family and we are all better because we share life with you.  Your dad and I look forward to watching your life unfold and can’t wait to see the adventures God has in store for you.





Oh, I adore him!! But doesn’t his face look so much OLDER?! Sigh. Stop. growing. up. this. minute.