Happy Birthday Audrey!

It’s really hard to wrap my mind around the fact that our baby is one this week.  Every single time I drive by the exit on 405 where I thought we might have to pull over and she would be born in the car, I remember the intensity of those moments and it feels like it just happened.  And nearly every time we pass that exit, Rylee says “There’s the midwife office Caleb, that’s where Audrey was born!”.

This little girl was so highly anticipated, its tough to put words to it.  From before she was born Rylee was praying for a sister.  Before I was even pregnant at all, Rylee was praying for a sister.  When we told her a new baby was coming, she was absolutely sure it would be a girl.  We carefully explained that only God knew and either way would be great.  She emphatically told us, “No, I already know it’s a girl.”  We asked her how.  She said, “God told me in my dream Mama.”

How could we argue with that?  We waited and waited.  Lo and behold, she was right.  She asked and God answered.  His gift to all of us was Audrey Rose.  Given to us during a more than tumultuous season of our life, she has been a ray of sunshine since the day she was born.  Her smile and giggle delight each of us every single day.  I am amazed at how God used the timing of her entering our family for good.  She has brought out a different side of each of our other children.  She has drawn them out of themselves.  The way they love her amazes me and I can’t imagine life without her.

I am so glad we said yes to the question ‘Is there room for one more?’.  That ‘one more’ is such a sweet treasure.

Here are pics from her birthday party today, it was great fun.  Audrey slept through the first hour but enjoyed the rest of it quite nicely.

May 2009-Audrey's 1st Birthday 018
May 2009-Audrey's 1st Birthday 022
May 2009-Audrey's 1st Birthday 032
May 2009-Audrey's 1st Birthday 043
A birthday party parade-complete with instruments!
A birthday party parade-complete with instruments!



Oh how fun. I am in tears wishing I could see her! It put a smile on my face to see the onesie she is wearing though – one of my favorites!


I cant belive she is 1. Look like you all had a wonderful party!!!


I’m so glad that I was able to be here….finally!! What a very fun birthday party!!


Yay! happy birthday again miss audrey rose! LOVE the birthday parade idea, I may be stealing that one in the future (insert evil laugh here)